Travel through
    the history of Universe.

    17.8 billion years in one trip.

  • .
    Ride through the
    timeline of Earth and life.

    4.5 billion years in the comfort of your car.

  • Follow the
    story of Homo sapiens.

    See our species emerge, fight and survive.
    And invent modernity.

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Welcome to the Original Time Machine!

Turn long boring car rides into educating trips through time and history.

Immerse in scientific discussions with travel buddies.

Ride through three thrilling stories:

  • The story of the Universe

    First, we recommend you take a trip through the whole history of the Universe. Start with the Big Bang, see the Universe expanding, stars lighting up and galaxies forming. All this exactly in sync with your journey. Here the Milky Way begins to take shape. There the North Star forms. The Sun. Half a mile later, the Earth. The events keep coming quicker and quicker ... Oceans. First life. Dinosaurs in and out. Mammals. Neanderthals. Sapiens. … And then you are safely back in the present. You have reached your destination and have spent quality time while on the road, experiencing the timeline of Universe in a totally new way. You have ridden through it!

  • The story of Earth and life

    Or you can ride through the history of the Earth and life. Start with the formation of Earth, survive the Late Heavy Bombardment, see the formation of oceans and supercontinents. Ride through all geologic eons, epochs and periods. Survive the boredom of Proterozoic and the Boring Billion. Witness the life exploding in Cambrian, wander around in Devonian forests, fight giant dragonflies of the Carboniferous. Survive all mass extinctions. And just as you arrive at your destination, you’ll be safely back in the present.

  • Our own story

    Or travel our very own story — the story of Homo sapiens. Start with the appearance or our species, drive through all our advances and setbacks, be on verge of the extinction, see the invention of art, meet Neanderthals and Denisovans, colonize the Americas, take part in the Agricultural Revolution. A meter before your destination, witness the mankind reaching into space. And, again, as you reach your destination, you safely arrive in present.

  • Precise calibration to your route

    All stories are precisely and with scientific accuracy calibrated to your exact route, no matter which route you take. Each mile and meter represent exactly the right period of time depending on the story and the length of your route. The actual physical ride through these stories will put the timelines and events in a totally new perspective. The perspective that is oddly personal, memorable and fascinating.

13.799 Ga The Big Bang

10.5 Ga Oldest detected

4.543 Ga Earth

2 Ga Eukaryotes

1 Ga First animals

541 Ma Cambrian explosion

68 Ma T-Rex

2.588 Ma Stone tools

200 kya Homo Sapiens

10,000 BC Agriculture

Explanation: Ga - billion years ago, Ma - million years ago, kya - thousand years ago, BC - years before Christ

  • Recommended for longer familiar routes

    You will enjoy the time travel most if you use your regular (long) route. The one that you know by heart (or seat). Matching the story’s events to your familiar places will give you a very personal understanding and feeling of the scale and distance between the events. Here the first star lights up, right after that roundabout. On that bridge, a galaxy forms. Now, just at the corner of that familiar diner or gas station, our home planet Earth is born. A mile before Grandma’s, dinosaurs appear and vanish in the woods. Whales crawl out of the oceans, then back again. A couple of meters before you reach your destination, Homo sapiens finally appears. And voila! You’re safely back in the present.


Three stories to choose from:

  • History of Universe
  • History of Life and Earth
  • History of Homo Sapiens


No matter which road you take, the stories are always exactly mapped and scaled to your route. You will ride through the time(line) with scientific precision.


The time travel experience will be surprisingly personal, fascinating and memorable if you use the routes that are familiar. Linking the events to the familiar places will give you a totally new angle of the stories and timelines.


Linking the stories to the familiar route will get your kids interested. Goodbye boredom, hello knowledge and curiosity. Be prepared to regularly answer your kids’ questions with “well, let’s look it up later”.

How to use the time machine?

1. Fire up the Time Machine app. Set your destination. Pan for precision, if necessary — try to set the exact destination where your trip should end.
2. Choose the story you want to travel.
3. Press  and hit the road!
4. The Time Machine will map the timeline of the story to your exact route with scientific precision. As your journey advances, the Time Machine will play the events of your chosen story, matching the timeline and your actual route in exact proportion.
5. Enjoy. Listen. Learn. Discuss.
6. Exactly as you reach your destination, your chosen story will be completed and you arrive safely back in the present.

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